About Us: Who is CAPSTONE?

Our Why! Capstone exists to help bring the power of the web to small and medium-sized businesses and help them succeed online.

Who is Capstone? We are a problem solver.

Who is Capstone?

Consider CAPSTONE your resource for AWESOME Website & eCommerce solutions. We help unravel the puzzle of eCommerce and provide website solutions for your business.

What we do! Capstone builds online solutions

What we do?

We build online solutions that help you create relationships with your customers online – 24/7.  Our goal is to develop user and mobile-friendly solutions that build advocates for your brand.

Why we do it. Everything is connected!

Why we do, what we do?

We love the excitement and passion our customers exude when they learn the value of their online solutions. We’re not here to develop world-changing solutions, our mission is to help build connections to customers, one at a time.

We will help you:


Grow Sales and Profitability


With hassle-free website maintenance and support


Attract more customers for your products and services


Be your long-term, trusted partner who helps you achieve your online goals

The Capstone Purpose

We bring the power of the Internet to Business Owners, Merchants, Tradesmen & Women, and Career 2 Entrepreneurs. We are our client’s biggest cheerleaders, helping them grow their businesses online.

Our Mission

We build awesome online solutions that help clients build connections with customers.  Stronger relationships build brands and grow their business.  We succeed when our clients succeed.

Our Belief

We believe in working on long-term projects, building relationships that culminate in a successful final product, that helps our customers build on their passions and bring their dreams to life.   We use our 4L process to develop our online projects and bring them to fruition.  Capstone identifies an existing problem and develops a solution to address the problem directly.

Why Capstone? CAPSTONE is all about solving problems that provide you with a user-friendly solution.

The CAPSTONE Founder


Position: Founder | Owner
Responsibility: Operations | Developer
Experience: 20+ Years eCommerce Development & Marketing
Email: info@capstonewebsitedesign.com
Phone: 336.638.1651

the capstone story

Who is Capstone? Steve started CAPSTONE as a Career 2 Entrepreneur because he wanted to build a business that was about more than “making a number”.  He wanted to help small to medium-sized businesses and business owners who are passionate about their business, and bring their dreams to life.

CAPSTONE was founded in 2015 with a strong belief that we would bring the power of the web to everyone.  Our founder brings over 25 years of Sales, Marketing, and E-commerce experience to CAPSTONE. In addition to eCommerce design and development, online merchandising, and promotion strategies he has helped consumer product brands develop marketing plans.

If you would like to learn more about CAPSTONE and our founder’s background, please download the attached founder’s profile.

The Fun Stuff

When not working on CAPSTONE,  bike touring the nearby roads and trails of the Piedmont area of North Carolina is a favorite past time. He is also an avid cook who loves exploring new culinary challenges and taste-testing unique bourbons and other beverages. He also is a fan of reading business books and fictional novels along with listening to podcasts and video casts.


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