About Us: Who is CAPSTONE?

Our Why! Capstone exists to help bring the power of the web to small and medium-sized businesses and help them succeed online. Learn More About Us.

The CAPSTONE Founder


Position: Founder | Owner
Responsibility: Operations | Developer
Experience: 20+ Years eCommerce Development & Marketing
Email: info@capstonewebsitedesign.com
Phone: 336.638.1651

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My Story

I started my business career “carrying a bag” as a salesperson in the upper Midwest of the U.S. I traveled three weeks a month for the first few years of my career until I received the chance to move to a corporate headquarters where I worked a “traditional” marketing job. When the internet started to take off I was assigned the task of figuring out whether this phenomenon was an opportunity to sell more products or was it just a fad?

The result? Our eCommerce team built the company’s eCommerce presence into a multi-million dollar division.

The Capstone Story

Who is Capstone?  I started CAPSTONE as a Career 2 Entrepreneur because I wanted to build a business that was about more than “making a number”. I am passionate about helping small to medium-sized businesses and business owners, bring their dreams to life.

CAPSTONE was founded in 2015 with a strong belief that we would bring the power of the web to everyone.  I bring over 25 years of Sales, Marketing, and E-commerce experience to CAPSTONE. In addition to eCommerce design and development, online merchandising, and promotion strategies, I have helped companies build their brands with impactful marketing plans, strong customer support, and attention to detail.

If you would like to learn more about CAPSTONE and our founder’s background, please download the attached founder’s profile.

The Fun Stuff

When not working on CAPSTONE,  biking the nearby roads and trails of the Piedmont area of North Carolina is a favorite pastime. I am also an avid college football fan and love to cook for my family and friends. I also am a fan of reading business books and fictional novels along with listening to podcasts and videocasts.

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Capstone employees are avid College football fans

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