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Product Phototgraphy

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eCommerce Product Photography & Video

Quality Still & 360° video to showcase your products


Pictures and video “speak a thousand words”. The higher the quality of your images, the better they will educate potential customers about your products and services. Poor-quality images do not sell your products and result in visitors leaving your online platform without exploring deeper into your product offerings.

CAPSTONE strives to bring authenticity and purposefulness to your site with product images that help shoppers understand the benefits of your products and how they are different than the competition. Good photos bring your products to life and help you stand out from the competition.

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We typically only do photography for eCommerce websites we build.

How can CAPSTONE help with your eCommerce Product Photography?


Quality still photos


360° product videos


Light Boxes for lighting


Real life video


How to Videos


Image & Video Hosting

At CAPSTONE we use Godox photo boxes to ensure quality and consistent lighting for a refined look online.  We depend on Syrp turntables and motion control products for a motion that is not jumpy or irregular.

We operate our eCommerce product photography operation in-house and focus on imagery for online uses.  We provide image hosting services on various providers depending on the needs of the customer.

We also use lighting products from Lume Cube and other quality lighting providers.

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