Five Facts About Mobile Marketing

Is mobile marketing important to your business? Here are five facts to consider when deciding about implementing a mobile marketing plan for your business.

(Psot Updated 8.3.2023)

Mobile Marketing

Are mobile usage rates continuing to grow in the United States?

The number of US adults using mobile phones continues to grow. The number of mobile phones in use has grown from 248 million in 2021 to an expected 253.3 million in 2023. With mobile’s continuing growth in available content PC and tablet device time spent on these devices is declining, down 10.3% since 2019 (3:38 minutes)

(source: Insider Intelligence, eMarketer, 1/2023)

Major milestones for mobile smartphones reached in 2022.

In 2022 Smartphone usage reached 3:19 per day while TV viewership dropped to 3:07 per day. By 2024, adults in the US are forecasting 43 more minutes per day on smartphones than on TVs.
(source: Insider Intelligence, eMarketer, 1/2023)

(source: Insider Intelligence, eMarketer, 1/2023)

How many people use their phones for product research?

69% of mobile phone users conduct product research!  These consumers prefer to look for reviews and other information rather than approach in-store personnel.

(source: eMarketer, 2019)

Fun Fact

On average in 2023 56.86% of all online traffic is from mobile devices in the US.

eCommerce mobile phone and credit card

Do shoppers use their mobile phones for shopping?

Does Mobile marketing have a definite impact on mobile shopping? Current data reports that 50.9% of digital shoppers are shopping on their phones at least once a week.

(source: DataReportal, 2023)

What are the conversion rates on mobile devices?

Conversion rates on mobile devices rose to 2.49% in March of 2023. Mobile conversion rates have stayed steady for the first half of 2023. It is important to note that conversion rates for desktops are slightly higher at 3.64%.

(source: Oberlo, 3/2023)

How does spending on mobile ads compare to traditional ads?

More than two-thirds of total digital ad spend in the US in 2021 was spent on mobile ads. Expenditures on digital ads exceeded that of traditional ads for the first time in 2019.

(source: Oberlo, eMarketer, 2021)

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