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5 Warning Signs it is time to find a new web designer

Consider these five warning signs, if these represent your situation it’s time for a new website designer.


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“Don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal”

You – as the client – ask a question and the web designer’s response is something to the effect; “You don’t need to worry about that, it’s not a big deal”

You are the client, if you are worried about it, so should your web designer. If they don’t have an answer that is ok, but they owe you at least: “We are not sure of the answer, let us research the issue and we will get back to you in X amount of time.


Your website is looking old and out dated.

Your website is starting to compared to competitors. You address this with your website guru and they tell you to not to be concerned.

This is a big deal! Technology is changing at lightning fast speeds and your website designer should be attempting to keep your website up to date. Maybe you don’t care to spend money on updates and new technology, that is your choice, not the web designers..


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No Security and Support Plan

Your website designer does not offer an ongoing support and security plan. A website is like an automobile, it needs to be driven and maintained to be kept in good working condition.

If software and security updates are not completed in a timely manner – at least once per month, preferably more often – your site is at risk of under performing or being hacked because the software is not up to date.


“This is the way we have always done it

If your web designer ever mutters the words “This is the way we have always done it”, run, don’t walk to the exits!

Technology is changing fast, and if your web designer believes they can build and maintain a website “The way we have always done it”, they are wrong. Technology is passing them – you – by. You won’t be competitive online
for long.

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Your we designer is ghosting you!

The sure sign you need a new source of online help to look after your digital assets is …. You are being ghosted by your so called partner. If calls aren’t being returned, emails not being answered, there is no doubt it’s time to and a new partner to help you online.


Five Warning Signs You Need a New Website Designer

If you answered yes to any of the five warning signs, you should consider a new source for help with your website and other online assets. Capstone can help!

Give us a call or email us. If you prefer, complete our “Consultation Request” and we will be in touch soon. Thanks for reviewing our “Five Warning Signs You Need a New Web Designer”.

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Five Warning Signs It’s Time To Find A New Website Designer

Review these five signs, if any of them apply to you, it might be time to find a new website designer.

Down a PDF of the Five Warning Signs it’s time to find a new Website Designer” by clicking the image or complete our book a call form or email us at info@cpsig.com.

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