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SEO: Google Provides and Takes Away

The March 2024 Google Core update is massive and will make changes to its algorithm that Google believes will achieve a 40% improvement in helpful content, as the title says, “Google Provides and Takes Away”.


Google is releasing a “massive” core update to its search engine in March of 2024 per Search Engine Land to help improve the quality of search results. Google hopes to improve results by achieving a 40% reduction in unhelpful content.

Capstone Website Design is monitoring these Goggle updates and adjusting our design and SEO practices to make sure we are following Google’s updated guidelines and standards. More on that later.


Google updates its search engine approximately 4x per year. For it’s first update of 2024, Google will include several enhancements that will have multiple updates within it.

The core update includes key system updates and enhancements:

Per Chris Nelson from the Search Quality Team at Google, “Google made changes to multiple core systems”. He also noted since Google is updating multiple core systems, “there will be more fluctuations in rankings than with a regular core update, as different systems get fully updated and reinforce each other”.

Spam Updates:

The core update includes several spam updates and policy updates. (read “New ways we’re tackling spammy low-quality content on search” Google Blog)


    • Scaled Content abuse search: Google said, “producing content at scale to boost search rankings – whether with automation, people or a combination – is against its guidelines.”

    • Expired Domain Abuse: “The practice of buying expired domains and repurposing them with the “intention of boosting the search ranking of low-quality content” – is now considered spam, per Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product, Search at Google.

    • Parasite SEO: hosting low-quality content on third-party websites in order to piggyback off of the sites search rankings.

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“7 Ways to Protect Your Digital Security”

for more information about protecting your online presence

Why is Google making these Core Updates?

Google wants to make it easier to find content that reflects first-hand perspectives and is quality content that answers searchers’ questions. The goal of this update is to reduce unhelpful content by 40% per Elizabeth Tucker at Google.

WHEN: Google is rolling out these changes in a month-long rollout in March 2024

HOW: Capstone Website Design (CWD) is taking the following steps to take into account Google’s March Search Engine Core Update.

CWD is monitoring the update from key expert resources including Google, Search Engine Land, Google’s “The Keyword” blog, Michelle Bourbonniere, PHD,  SEO expert, Words On the Rise Blog,  and others.

View Michelle’s informative newsletter on this topic: “Google Giveth and Google Taketh away”.


    • CWD is and will be updating our content creation policies to make sure they are in line with Google’s Search Engine Optimization guidance.

    • For customers utilizing a CWD support plan we will identify and update website content that we determine is not online with Google’s update.

    • As needed, we will notify customers of any issues, and seek input on revisions they would like to make to their online assets.

    • We will monitor search results via Google Analytics, Google Search Console and determine if search results are affected by the core update and what course of action should be taken.

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