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How we work with customers? The Capstone Process Plan 

The Capstone 5L process plan.

Key Learnings

  • As a Career 2 entrepreneur, a good process plan will help you achieve your goal

  • The first step is to listen to customers and determine where they are and where they want to go.

  • After implementing your plan you need to review your results, and then adjust (level up), and re-execute.

  • Find a partner who is willing to listen, and learn about your pain points and objectives.

Do you have an objective? What is your plan for achieving your goal?

If you have an objective with a desired outcome, you need a process plan on how you are going to accomplish your objective. Without a plan, you will be wandering around, wasting valuable time, and potentially spending unnecessary resources trying to reach your goal.

organization (seo)

Think of it like this. If you are planning a family vacation to Disney World, you will get out your favorite travel app and plot out a route from your home to your destination – Disney World. If you don’t plot a course you will faced with confusion, and frustration – should I have turned off the highway at this exit? You will also waste valuable time and money that could be spent at the Disney parks having fun with your family.

Table of Contents

What is your plan for achieving your goal?

Developing or updating your online presence

Step 1 – Listen

Step 2 – Learn

Step 3 – Lead

Step 4 – Live

Step 5 – Level Up


Fun Facts

73% of small businesses have their own website. 81% of shoppers choose to research a business online before making a purchase, with 55% searching for online reviews and 47% searching for the business’ website. The average cost of a website for a small business is anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000. (Zippia 3/28/2023)

Developing or updating your online presence is a similar process.

Below you will find five steps of the Capstone 5L Process Plan.

Step 1 – Listen:

You need to determine your objective. What do you want your online presence to do for you? Do you want to sell products or services online? Are you trying to communicate your Brand story and the features and benefits you can offer customers?

Listen spelled out in type
Blocks that spell Learn

Step 2 – Learn

You need to determine your objective. What do you want your online presence to do for you? Do you want to sell products or services online? Are you trying to communicate your Brand story and the features and benefits you can offer customers?

Step 3 – Lead:

What are the tools you will need to get on the road and start traveling to your objective? Do you need a Website, a Google Business Profile, an eCommerce store? In our vacation example, you will need to decide whether are you flying or driving, and what car are you going to take. Do you need to rent, maybe renting a motor home is a better idea?

You have determined your destination, plotted out a route, and decided on the tools needed to meet your objective. Now you are building your online presence, a good online solutions partner will help you build your presence. They will need to rely on you for the appropriate assets (photos, video, stories, product and/or service details, etc. to help them make the journey in a timely and efficient manner.

A good web designer will lead you on your journey and guide you on the necessary steps to meet your objective. Think of it as, helping you decide where to stop and get gas, when to check the oil, and fill up the wiper fluid.

They will help you decide what tools – gas stations – have the right features to meet your needs and warn you of red flags – road construction detours – that you need to navigate as you proceed on your journey.

Is your online presence outdated, or non-existent? Look for a partner who will find your pain points, and help lead you to a good solutions that can meet your objectives.

Step 4 – Live:

You have made the trip your presence has been built, not it is time to use your website and your online presence and put it to work for you. You need to start “living” with this new set of tools and get them to start working for you.

On our vacation journey, you have made the trip to your destination, now it is time to start enjoying the Disney parks. Visit the attractions, ride the rides, and work hard to enjoy the time with your family.

Web designers at a table with computers

Step 5 – Level Up:

You have had a great time at Disney, and your family has accomplished the goal of having a good time, but now unfortunately it is time to plan the trip back home.

With your online presence you have completed the first steps of the plan, now it is time to think about what comes next. At Capstone we call this step “Leveling Up”. When Leveling Up you consider your original objective, did you meet your objective? Did the plan outperform expectations? If yes, it is time to set the bar higher, what is the new objective? Can we reach that new bar with current tools and strategies? If not, we need to adjust the plan to meet these goals.

If the plan underperformed, why? Can we get back on track by adjusting our current set of tools, and tweaking content? Do we need to discard a tool, add new ones, and change our plans or alter our strategy?

Lastly, are there outside factors we need to consider in our results? A passing fad that helped us accomplish our goals but is not likely to continue. Other internal issues, money, change in personnel, business plan changes, etc.

A well-thought-out plan that is constructed well, can transform your business from stumbling in the dark to an organization on a mission, that knows where it is going, ready to take on the competition, with a clear path to get to its destination.

Capstone can help build your online presence, with awesome Website Designs, SEO, Local Search, Google Business Profiles, and more. We offer clients more than great tools to reach your objectives, our goal is to save you time and provide you peace of mind and a feeling of confidence in your online presence.


We can help you construct your plan, we can build your online presence starting with a new, (or updated) website, several support plans designed to meet your needs.

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