Website Hosting and Monthly Support

Hassle-Free Website Hosting, Monthly Support, and consistent maintenance are important for your website. Selling platforms need frequent updates to the basic infrastructure, themes, plugins, and quality hosting to provide a fast, secure user experience.

We offer the perfect all-in-one WordPress and Divi website maintenance and quality hosting solutions.

Monthly Maintenance Plans and Support programs

Fully Managed Support & Hosting

We work with A2 Hosting – a US-based hosting company – to provide our clients with the fastest, most secure Website hosting solutions. Our hosting solutions provide.

Faster, Better & Stronger

Upgraded PHP, improved Lite Speed Caching, with CDN when needed.


SSL Certification

SSL certificates are necessary to protect sensitive data and financial transactions.

State of the Art Caching

Make sure site’s content is cached when necessary.

Website & Selling Platform Care, Customer-Focused Service

Your online assets are in good hands with folks who have been in the Website Design and eCommerce business for over 15 years.  Our Monthly Support & Hosting plans provide the support you can count on to improve your online performance.

SECURITY: Keep your software up to date! By putting in place a few extra security measures, we can help reduce the risk of your site being compromised.

SAVE MONEY:  By hiring CAPSTONE to help you maintain your website, or selling platform the chances of your site being down or needing major repairs are minimized.

PLATFORM PERFORMANCE: Outdated or unsupported software can hinder your website’s speed and user experience, hurting your search engine rankings.

WEB & eCommerce Experts: Our software suppliers are constantly improving and updating their products which is important.  Having a partner that can help implement updates to your platform is more critical than ever.

Ongoing Support Packages & Hosting

Once your online platform is built, ongoing maintenance is important to keeping your site performing efficiently and at peak performance.  Our goal is to support our partners long-term with hassle-free website maintenance and support to help you meet your online goals.

* Website hosting for our Basic Plan is based on hosting cost quoted at time of the website build, payable annually per year, hosting is due every year on the anniversary launch date of the website. This plan is intended for small websites – 1-5 pages – for clients that need more affordable options. This option provides basic support until the website owner is ready to grow into the next level of support.