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Simple website solutions in less than a month.  Web design without the hassles and time-consuming customization.

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Standardized website designs

Simple Website Design

For clients who desire a simple website solution without all the hassles and time-consuming decision-making of a custom design. We offer an awesome, easy-to-understand solution that can get you a beautiful new website in a short amount of time.

The websites are built on WordPress using pre-designed themes created using the Divi web builder. They are hosted on the same fast and secure A2 Lite Speed hosting service.

All of our standardized websites can utilize the same support and hosting agreements we offer for our customized websites.

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Fast, Simple, Worry Free, Minimize The Stress

Four easy steps to create your new web solution with Capstone

Step 1 ->

Shop for a Template

Choose a template of your choice from our gallery of multi-page templates.

Step 2 ->

Place your order

During checkout, you will be asked a few questions so that we have the initial information needed to prepare for your project.

Step 3 ->

Discovery Call

Within 48 hours of receiving the order, we will send you an email requesting a discovery call to ask/answer any other questions either of us may have.

Step 4 ->

Content & Images

Within 48 hours of receiving the order, we will send you a Google Drive link where you will be able to drag and drop all your images, logos, attachments and page content.

After steps 1-4 are completed we will LAUNCH YOUR NEW WEBSITE

Usually, within 2 weeks of receiving all the content, the site will be ready to go live. We will also schedule a follow-up call to answer any questions and walk you through how to make basic updates.

Packages & Pricing?

We have three different simple web design packages to meet your web design needs.


Domain names: If you do not have a domain name will need to register one. We use, they offer most domains at a reasonable cost.

Hosting: We work with A2 Hosting – a US-based hosting company – to provide our customers with fast, secure hosting services. We suggest you check out our monthly support and hosting options for hassle-free hosting option and monthly maintenance of your website.  We can also provide hosting-only options if you are comfortable providing your own website maintenance. We can set up a “hosting only” plan for your website, our plans start at $35 per month.

Monthly Support Plans Regular maintenance is an important consideration for your website. WordPress and Divi sites need frequent updates for basic infrastructure, themes, plugins, and a quality hosting platform to provide you the best speed and security options. That’s why we provide the perfect all-in-one WordPress and Divi website support and hosting solutions.

Reasons To Work With Capstone

Here are additional features and benefits from working with Capstone.

TIME SAVED: Using a premade template saves time helping you get your website live within a shorter time span.

TIME SAVED: Using a premade template saves time helping you get your website live within a shorter time span.

VARIETY OF CHOICES: The power is now in your hands to choose the right option for your online presence. 

MONEY SAVED: With templated websites starting at $1000 you save!  Custom 8-12 page websites typically start at $2500.

DIVI BUILDER: Divi is an intuitive WordPress theme that our clients love because they are able to quickly learn how to update content on their own.

SUPPORT: We install all of the templates for you, if revisions are required we will take care of it for you on the initial build. 

Still Have Questions

Choose a package, add your comments ask your questions and we will get back to you shortly.