Why use video on website?

The Advantages of Using Video On Your Website?

We explore the question of, “The advantages of using video on your website” and how it can help your website grow!

Using simple short, handcrafted video’s that answer searchers questions  helps bring in traffic to your website and get that phone ringing with leads to grow your business.


The Facts about Video

The advantages of using video on your website.  The Benefits:

    • Pages with video are 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google.*

    • Landing pages that use video can provide a 86% increase in conversion rates.*

    • Video viewers spend 5x longer looking at videos than static images.**

    • 62% of consumers watch product review videos before making a purchase.**

    • 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service than text

* Zestmedia: Does My Website Need Video? 5 Reasons it Definitely Does
** Promo.com: Does Video Increase Conversion Rates?


Video educates, entertains and visually represents your brand to viewers

How many times have you used YouTube videos to help you with a project when you are not sure how to complete a DIY project? How to properly install a new door? Need guidance with wiring a light fixture?

Use video to help teach viewers.


Example of a good use of a video

Pop Up Pit – Portable Fire Pit – How to assemble.

Source: Firesideoutdoor.com YouTube Video

The future of the web and video – Multi-Modal

Sundar Pichahai, CEO of Google and Alpahbet, recently stated in an interview on The Verge, “…overtime, I hope the web is much more muti-modal”. The web is no longer just the printed word, it is quickly becoming about video, audio (podcasts) and content creation.

hope the Web is much more modal

In Summary: The Advantages of using video on your Website

    • Video helps you appear on the front page of Googles

    • Video helps increase conversions

    • Sales increase after product review videos are watched.

    • People prefer to learn about a product or service using video

    • Videos keep viewers on a page longer than static images.

The time is now, video is already a staple of many online platforms. As Sundar Picahai mentioned, in his interview on The Verge, the web is going multi-modal. Its time to get on board with video now.

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