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What are the four keys to eCommerce success?

What is Successful eCommerce?

CAPSTONE believes there are four key factors that need to be working together to develop and maintain a successful eCommerce program. Each of these factors is developed separately but needs to be aligned with each other to ensure a thriving, profitable online business.

The eCommerce process consists of four distinct functions with specific tasks that need to be aligned in order for the process to be successful.

The eCommerce Customer Acquisition Cycle 

The four keys to eCommerce explained

Web Development (also considered eCommerce store development)

Simply put, a platform(s), such as a Website, Amazon store, or Facebook Marketplace store needs to be built for online customers to visit and buy your products and services.

A good online store will have well-thought-out Product Strategies, the last thing you want is a product available that nobody is interested in buying. Online merchants need to develop well-thought-out merchandising and pricing strategies that meet and exceed customer needs and desires. Are your prices in line with the competition? Are you trying to sell a three-pack of your product but customers are only buying single packs?

Digital Marketing plans

How will potential customers learn about what you are selling? Plan on utilizing organic web-based marketing strategies where ever possible. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media posts, and starting a Blog that provides valuable information to your customers can attract buyers. If budgets allow, consider paid search engine marketing and mobile marketing.

Fulfillment & Logistics

Online fulfillment and logistics are the most expensive components of the eCommerce Acquisition Cycle that if not done correctly can destroy your bottom-line profits! Fulfillment, shipping supplies, and the cost of order preparation eat up resources quickly! Shipping costs continue to escalate while at the same time shoppers expect their orders faster and in perfect condition.

Tracking information is a must for consumers who are conditioned to be able to find their orders at every step of the fulfillment and delivery process.

Need help choosing a shipping vendor and software to help keep your customers informed of the progress of the shipment? We can help, fill out a consultation request!

Customer Service

Good, solid Customer Service is the key to strong profitability in CAPSTONE’s view. Customer Service that satisfies shoppers can turn them into raving fans that will spread the word about your product or service. Good reviews are the mother lode for online sales. When buying a product on Amazon or Google, do you look at the reviews to make sure other customers are happy with the product?

Great Customer Service can upsell or create opportunities for selling more of your products to a customer. A satisfied customer is more likely to come back to your store and buy often. Also, consider happy customers are not spreading bad reviews or news about your products or services. Remember, it is a lot cheaper to keep a happy, satisfied customer than it is to find new buyers for your products!

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