The History of Capstone

Capstone was born after years of eCommerce experience selling consumer products online.

The History of Capstone Website Design

Capstone Website Design has been operating since 2015. View the History of Capstone timeline below. We build awesome websites that are user-friendly, mobile-ready, and built to perform from day one. Learn more about Capstone at our About Us page and view what our customers have to say about us at our Customer Testimonials page.

2015 | CAPSTONE is born!

Built on our experience in website development and eCommerce marketing for a national consumer products manufacturer.

2015 | CAPSTONE starts helping customers

We put our website development and eCommerce experience to work for business owners.

2018 | Begins building eCommerce

The best, most affordable eCommerce selling platforms for small to medium-sized businesses.

2019 | Starts Building Amazon Stores

CAPSTONE moves to take advantage of the growth of Amazon shopping by offering services to build Amazon Stores for small to medium sellers.

2022 | CAPSTONE rebrands itself

CAPSTONE continues to repurpose its business to better meet the needs of customers. We've added still product photography services and continue to expand our eCommerce capabilities.