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eCommerce websites are great “silent salespersons” to sell your products or services online.

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We Help You Sell Your Product or Service Online

Your eCommerce website should be your best “silent” salesperson, driving traffic. generating leads and producing revenue! You need to be selling your products and services on your custom-designed website complete with a personalized shopping cart and a secure check-out process.

Capstone’s eCommerce websites cover all four functions of the eCommerce acquisition cycle, including Web Development, Digital Marketing, Fulfillment & Logistics, and Customer Service solutions.  Capstone can help develop merchandising, pricing, and promotional strategies to create interest and awareness for your brand.

We help close the eCommerce acquisition circle by finding the right fulfillment options to allow you to ship goods at the most affordable cost available.

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Examples of a few of our eCommerce projects

A few of the eCommerce websites we have built are below. We showcase sites that sell both products and services online. eCommerce is not just for selling products online.

eCommerce Website for Precision Driving School for all devices

Precision Driving School is a premier driving school that teaches high school students and adult drivers proper driving techniques.  The school is privately owned and provides classroom as well as in-person behind-the-wheel training.

Capstone focused on building a user-friendly website for Precision Driving that educated parents on the driver’s training process, both classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel driving. We provided details about the team, and location and showcased the clean, safe environment the students would be learning in – including clean well-maintained vehicles.

We built-in eCommerce functionality, class attendees – and their parents – can choose a class than reserve a seat by paying online. This provides three major benefits, 1) they have student details ahead of the class 2) they can plan their class schedule months in advance 3) the class is paid for in advance.

BigCommerce Ecommerce Design for Pond Lake Management for all devices

Pond Lake Management provides pond maintenance services in Central North Carolina. They install and maintain Pond Fountains, Aerators, and other pond accessories. As part of their Pond Care packages, they clean up ponds and provide weed control and fish stocking. In addition, they have an eCommerce section of their website where they sell everything from pond chemicals, fish feeders, and trash guards to aerators and pond fountains.

Capstone built their website with two objectives, 1) maximize the reach (SEO) and education on their on-site pond maintenance services. 2) built an eCommerce store that leverages their expertise, and educates customers on buying pond care accessories from Pond Lake Management.

We built-in eCommerce functionality, shoppers can view the products they need, purchase them online, and have them shipped to their location anywhere in the United States.

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