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We answer your Frequently Asked Questions about Capstone Website Design, our business and more.

What Website Pages are viewed most often?

On March 24, 2024, Capstone conducted a review of the websites we have built in Google Analytics and Fathom Analytics. We learned without fail the "Home Page" and "What We Do" Pages were ranked number 1 and 2. The "About Us" page was typically ranked number 3. View and download the full report.

Does Capstone build Amazon Affiliate websites?
Absolutely,  we have experience building Amazon stores for clients and we have invested in the software to develop high-performing websites specifically for Amazon Affiliate members. Visit our Amazon Affiliate and Store page to learn more.
Do you build subscription websites?
Yes, we offer three unique subscription website plans, from a simple 10 page website to large eCommerce stores.  Visit our Subscription page to learn more.
SEO Beginners: Content is King!
SEO Beginners, Great Content is King!  Awesome content gets noticed and builds credibility and trust with visitors.   If you want to improve your SEO optimization, focus on your content first.  Without amazing content, technical SEO will only get marginal results.  View our SEO Is King Blog post.
Who needs a website?
Every Business, Career 2 Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Freelancer, and any person or business with a story to tell, a product to sell, or a desire to interact with a wide and diverse audience should consider a website.  It is your 24/7 salesperson that is always available at any time to provide information about you and your business.
Can you create, edit and stream videos for clients?

Yes!  Video content is a great way to share content, and educate clients on your capabilities and offerings.  Capstone can help create, edit, and stream videos to customers' online platforms.  We have lighting, light boxes, 360º turntables, and the ability to meet all of our client's needs.  View a Capstone produced video for our client Pond Lake Management.

Do you offer website maintenance plans?

Absolutely!  We provide  support agreement option for our customer's to choose from depending on their needs and budgets.  View our plan options at our support plan page.

What website platform do you use?

We use the Wordpress platform most often.  Wordpress usage totals 45.8%  of all websites in 2022.  It represents 65.2% of all websites using a CMS.  Source Hubspot. 

What eCommerce platform do you use?

We use Woocommerce, BigCommerce and have a working knowledge of Shopify.  Woocommerce and BigCommerce both work well with Wordpress.  Woo has a 20.4% penetration rate and is free but can be expanded with paid add-ons.

Do you maintain and update eCommerce sites?
Yes, CAPSTONE offers several support agreements with different service levels and monthly fee options. View our Support and Hosting Plans.
Do Amazon Stores require a platform like Wordpress?

Amazon stores are built on Amazon's proprietary shopping platform.  There is a monthly fee payable to Amazon, and Amazon takes a commission on each sale.  They do provide marketing, CC processing, and shipping options.

Can you help with eCommerce tasks like Credit Card processing and Shipping?

CAPSTONE generally recommends working with Stripe a reputable, well-established credit card processor. In addition, we have found Shipstation to be a solid, easy-to-use shipping solutions provider.

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