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Top Ranked Website Pages on our Websites

Top Ranked Website Pages on the websites we have built.


Capstone Website Design reviewed our clients websites and determined the top viewed pages on the websites we build. Results were consistent with a few exceptions.

On March 24, Capstone Website Design reviewed and compiled an average page ranking for 30 & 90 day increments for our portfolio of websites. Our goal? To understand which website pages rank the best on Google. Our findings proved quite interesting!

We found several common denominators, but also a few interesting learnings that will help us build better, higher performing websites.

Home Page

The page visited most often the Home Page

In our review, the Home Page for every website we looked at on Google
Analytics ranked #1. The Home Page was the page most often landed on, in searches and was viewed most often. Engagement rates varied – our observation is that mature websites experienced longer engagement times than newer websites.

The second most often visited pages “What We Do” Pages

“What We Do” pages take many forms on the websites we build. On all websites the “What We Do” pages were ranked #2 according to Google Analytics.

Our hypothesis? Viewers are looking for providers who can provide a product or service solution to the problem or issue they have. A “What We Do” page should be concise, informative and easy to understand.


Cecil&Cecil,P.A. Lawyers in High Point, North Carolina
Top Ranked About us Pages

“About Us” Pages

The “About Us” pages were usually the third most often visited web page
according to Google Analytics. This was especially true for websites that
are new (one year or less).

Key learnings about the “About Us” page:

  • “About Us” pages are very important for new businesses

  • “About Us” pages are a great page to share ownership changes, changes in
    business practices or philosophy alterations.

  • Google looks for “About Us” pages to provide searchers with key
    information about a business.

eCommerce Pages

Websites with active eCommerce stores generally had eCommerce pages that ranked as high as position 2 on the Google Analytics. The page rankings were very fluid and changed from month to month, based on eCommerce sales.

eCommerce pages as ranked by Google
The Top Ranked Website Pages for Capstone's Websites

Top Ranked Website Pages!

Interested in learning more about what pages ranked the best according to our webiste review? Download the full report by clicking the image to the left. If you have questions or need help with your website needs complete our book a call form or email us at

Blog Posts Active Blog Post Campaigns

“Blog “Page Rankings

Websites with active blogs (one blog post posted per month) routinely had at least one blog post show up in the top 10 ten page rankings. More mature websites with active posts had several blog posts rank in the top 10. Blog posts supported by Social Media posts had higher engagement rates and higher page rankings with staying power.

Top Pages Ranking: Unexpected Results


Pages that ranked LOWER than expected.

    None of our website contact pages ranked in the top 20 rankings.

    None of the websites with customer testimonials or review pages ranked higher than position 15. We expected viewers to place a high value on testimonials as they sought to learn more about new service providers and products. Lower rankings indicate to us an area of opportunity requiring further investigation.

Pages that ranked Higher than expected.

    Unique pages designed to help local SEO, ranked in the top 10 positions for eight out of ten websites we reviewed. Local search pages for for businesses with locations in larger cities had higher page rankings than smaller cities.

    Websites with active blog posting campaigns (at least one post per month) consistently had posts ranking in the top 10 positions on Google. Active blog postings with Social Media support had a positive affect on page rank, engagement rates, and website traffic.

Top Website Page Rank Review: 5 Key Learnings!

  • “HOME PAGE” and “WHAT WE DO” pages consistently ranked one and two as the most often visited website pages.

  • “ABOUT US” pages were inconsistent with their rankings. New businesses with new websites experienced higher “About Us” page rankings. It is our belief that “About Us” pages are under utilized by website owners.

  • Our “CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL” pages aren’t working as hard for us as they should be.  

  • BLOG POSTS matter! Active blogging helps attract visitors and drives website traffic.

  • Web pages designed for LOCAL SEARCH help drive website visitors to the websites for local service providers.  Capstone believes location matters!  If you have a local business serving a greater metropolitan area, do your best to get a mailing address in the largest city within your service area.  


Capstone does not claim this to be a “scientific study”. We reviewed our portfolio of websites on March 24, 2024 in Google Analytics, and our back up analytics tool Fathom Analytics, to compile data and compare page rank. We reviewed page rankings in 30 and 90 day increments and created an average page rankings for all 30+ websites.

We intend to conduct the same review on a quarterly basis going forward. We are especially curious to learn what impact Google’s March 2024 algorithm changes and the roll out of SGE will have on our website page rankings.

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