The Capstone Business 5L Process

The Capstone 5L Process

Have you worked with a partner who made you feel that your needs didn’t matter! Supposedly they had all the answers! By the time you paid all of the fees and lost valuable time, your online presence was no better than when you started.

Capstone’s 5L process helps keep us focused on our clients, their needs, and dreams. We focus on building strategies, plans, and platforms that drive the results our clients desire.  Check out the Capstone 5L process below and see if it is for you! Download a copy for free, review it, and compare it to what other providers offer.

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content marketing cycle

Every day you need to interact with customers and potential customers.  The Content Marketing Cycle helps you determine how and what to communicate to your customers.  Content creation is challenging.  Do it wrong, and it will hurt your cash flow, profits, and future business pipeline

Good content keeps the focus on solving a customer problem and helping to meet their objectives. At Capstone the Content Marketing Cycle helps us concentrate on our customer's needs and keeps us focused on content that is focused on our customers, customers.

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Define customers needs

Content Framework

Explore custom themes &. topics


Content Creation

Authentic, Relevant, Purposeful


Re-Purpose & Promote

Recycle your marketing


Measure Results

Analytics and more

Promotion & Marketing

Promote products & services

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