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An Entrepreneur in business works with her team

Career 2 : How To Be An Entrepreneur In Business

Entrepreneur In Business. How to start a business as a Career 2 start up.

Table of Contents

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  • Definitions of an entrepreneur embarking on a Career 2?
  • Why choose a Career2?
  • How to start a Career 2?
  • The Entrepreneur “How to List”.
  • Components of a successful Career 2 business.
  • Give more than you get!
  • Career 2 getting started To Do List.
  • Additional Resources.


Definitions of an entrepreneur embarking on a Career 2?

Are you a budding entrepreneur starting on your Career 2 journey? Find the definitions of an entrepreneur below.

An entrepreneur is an individual who is starting their own business because they have a passion for running their own business. Career 2 represents the opportunity for a person who has already achieved success in their first career to create a second career by running their own business. A Career 2 is usually a choice of following dreams and passions to build a business that provides great personal satisfaction.


Why choose a Career 2?

A Career 2 entrepreneur is looking for the chance to build their own business and pursue the life they want to live.

Career 2 entrepreneurs typically built a solid foundation for their themselves, families, with hard work, good financial choices, and a focus on where they wanted to go in the future. A Career 2 entrepreneur desires the opportunity to build a business, charitable organization or other institution that fulfills their dreams and passions.

A Career 2 entrepreneur wants the freedom to build something “their way”! They understand the problem that exists and the solution they can offer clients or customers. They don’t want to be reined in by corporate rules, HR policies and managers who are confined by “protect their job at any cost” constraints.

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Pro Tips:

Career 2 entrepreneurs: If your background is not in business, we suggest taking a business start-up course at your local community college.

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The Entrepreneur How to list?

Another name for Career 2 is a “Focus 2 Career”. Below are the key components of a How to List to achieve entrepreneurial success.

      • A passion and dream that you want to pursue

      • The support of your family partner, family members and close friends

      • The drive and mental fortitude to stick with your business through the 
tough times

      • Knowledge and skill to solve the problems of your clients

      • A business plan and financial backing to support your business

      • A support network to help with the basic questions and needs of 
 your business

      • Analyzation and evaluation metrics to determine the success of your
 Careers 2 business.

How an Entrepreneur to succeeds in their Career 2

In addition to a dream a Career 2 entrepreneur needs to have a basic understanding of business practices. Consider participating in a business start-up course offered by a local Chamber of Commerce, Community College or search for offerings online.

Securing a business coach who can help with writing a business plan, setting up simple business processes, help hold you accountable and ultimately assist with the evaluation of the success or challenges of your business. Here is a list of business coaching firms >>.

Define the customer(s) for your business. Who is it you are trying to help? Determine where you can find them in person and online.

How will you communicate with these folks?

  • Website:
  • A website is 24/7! Available whenever your customer wants 
 help and is searching for answers. It can serve up your story, help with their decision-making process and provide tools for them to get in touch with you. Capstone can help!

  • Social Media:
  • Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter,
 Linked-In, and Facebook can help you reach customers in your client
 profile. They are perfect solutions to get out your story, new offerings, and
 other important business information.

  • Blogs:
  • Blog posts offer a larger format to provide more in-depth information about your topic. You can link out to web pages other social media posts to extend the reach and life of your topic. They are
 also a great vehicle to show visuals and videos.

  • Vlogs & Podcasts:
  • Video and Podcasts are great tools to build trust and credibility with potential customers. Customers can view your 
 expressions, get a better understanding of your personality and make 
a better determination if you are a good fit.

  • Email:
  • Email campaigns are a fantastic way to reach your client list. You
 can segregate the list based on intentional criteria and you can follow
 up the original email with targeted reminders and call to action.

  • Direct Mail:
  • While more expensive and less targeted Direct Mail still has its place in a marketing campaign. With high-quality color copies, you can print multiple options of your content and mail them out as needed.

    Capstone is a strong believer in building your email lists organically. Buying a list from list brokers is a “shotgun” strategy that historically is a hit-or-miss proposition for long-term success.

  • In-Person Meetings & Events:
  • In-Person events build relationships 
better than any other marketing tools you can use to build your
 business. Join a local Chamber of Commerce, business groups, 
leads group or any organization that can help connect with your desired customer base.

Give more than you get!

Help others as often as you can. As a good business Entrepreneur +you can build trust, credibility and name recognition by helping potential clients gain knowledge about what it takes to solve their issues.

Blog posts, speaking engagements, online examples and free work samples are potential options. Be sure to establish boundaries with your give aways up front. Let potential clients know where the free work ends and the paid work begins.

A Tailor who is a Career 2 Entrepreneur